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Tiger’s Australian domestic growth will continue, but yield increases are badly needed


Tiger Airways Australian Managing Director, Shelley Roberts, has reiterated the carrier's operations are not aimed at taking market share away from others, with the airline instead aiming to create a new market from those who would not normally fly, saying, “If you drop the fares, you grow the market. The rate of growth in Australia has been huge.” [1363 words]

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  • Tiger’s growth will add more pressure to incumbents
  • Credit card fees seen as excessive
  • Singapore LCCs cashing-in on bargain seeking passengers
  • New services and growth on existing routes announced

Graphs and data:

  • Australian domestic carrier capacity share - week commencing 19-Oct-2009
  • Largest Australian domestic city pairs by passenger numbers & passenger number growth: Aug-2009
  • Australian Domestic Airfares (Best Discount)
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