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Tiger Airways growing its pawprint, AirAsia flexing its muscles


AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes recently declared the LCC's intention to unseat Tiger Airways as the "national low cost carrier" of Singapore, describing its competitor as a “tiny carrier”. While still notably smaller than AirAsia, Tiger Airways has ambitious growth plans. CEO Tony Davis recently stated the airline is aiming to become one of the top three airlines globally. [679 words]

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  • AirAsia 4.5 times the size of Tiger
  • 12% growth for Malaysia AirAsia in Sep-2010 quarter to 4 million
  • 1.4 million Tiger pax; growth of 17%
  • Outlook: Rivalry intense, but opportunities for both

Graphs and data:

  • AirAsia Malaysia and Tiger Airways passenger numbers growth: Apr-2010 to Sep-2010
  • AirAsia Group traffic highlights for the three months ended 30-Sep-2010
  • AirAsia passengers (mill) and passenger growth (%) growth: 3Q2008 to 3Q2010
  • AirAsia traffic (RPKs) and capacity (ASKs) growth: 3Q2008 to 3Q2010
  • Tiger Airways traffic results for Jul-2010, Aug-2010 and Sep-2010
  • AirAsia Malaysia traffic results for Jul-2010, Aug-2010 and Sep-2010
  • AirAsia Malaysia and Tiger Airways PLF: Apr-2010 to Sep-2010
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