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The end game for BAA puts Stansted airport and Edinburgh or Glasgow in the shop window


The UK Competition Commission (CC) has delivered its "final verdict" on BAA, insisting that it must begin selling off London Stansted Airport within three months and later either of Glasgow or Edinburgh, two of the three airports that make up its Scottish division. A report issued on 19-Jul-2011 upholds a decision reached by the CC in Mar-2011 when it rejected an appeal by Spain’s Ferrovial-controlled BAA to prevent it from being forced to sell Stansted in southeast England. However BAA indicated it might seek a judicial review of the decision. [2805 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Legal options
  • Dependent on budget airlines that do not demonstrate commitment
  • On the train to nowhere
  • Not-for-sale BAA airports have their attractions
  • Glasgow’s good traffic mix
  • Prestwick not the competitor it was
  • Richer city

Graphs and data:

  • Chart: Glasgow International Airport capacity, seats to/from by carrier 18 to 24-Jul-2011
  • Chart: Glasgow International Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier type (18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011)
  • Chart: Glasgow International Airport international vs. domestic capacity (seats) share (18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011)
  • Chart: Prestwick’s overly-focused airline traffic mix
  • Chart: Edinburgh Airport seat capacity 18 to 24-Jul-2011
  • Chart: Edinburgh Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier type (18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011)
  • Table: BAA financial highlights for the six months ended 30-Jun-2011 (all financial figures GBP million unless stated)
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