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Sovereign wealth funds offer alternative airport funding opportunities


In edition 88 of Airport Investor Monthly (Feb-2012) the various private transport infrastructure funds were examined. While they amount to a powerful force, account also needs to be taken of the increasing presence of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in the airport business. As with the infrastructure funds there were few of them only five years ago but there are now at least six that are active in the sector, the most recent being the Qatar Investment Authority. They can no longer be overlooked as a potential source of funding for airport projects, though by their nature their interest will lie very much in big, primary level and established airports. [2702 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Old and new
  • Politically unpopular
  • Global protectionism
  • Soccer is a QIA goal
  • Gatwick pensioned off
  • Singapore splits domestic and foreign investment duties
  • IIFCL limited by economic slump and red tape
  • Off the wall or to the wall

Graphs and data:

  • Top 10 largest SWFs: Feb-2012
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