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Southwest Airlines to trim 190 flights over the Northern Winter


Southwest, which has so far largely resisted the capacity reductions enacted by other US carriers in response to high fuel prices and a weak economy, announced plans to eliminate 196 services in 1Q09. The cuts coincide with the non-peak Winter period. [1339 words]

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  • Capacity and fleet growth relatively flat in 2009
  • Fuel hedging position unwinding
  • Celebrates 12 months back at San Francisco
  • Denver: Southwest's "fastest-growing city ever"
  • Invests USD300,000 on lobbying efforts in 2Q08
  • Announces new VP Strategy & Change Leadership

Graphs and data:

  • Southwest Airlines' capacity (ASK) growth: Jan-04 to May-08
  • Southwest Airlines' total delivery schedule
  • Southwest Fuel Hedging Programme: as at Jul-08
  • San Francisco International Airport domestic capacity (seats) share: Week commencing 25-Aug-08
  • The "Southwest Effect" at SFO
  • New services from Denver: Jun-08 and Sep-08
  • Denver International Airport domestic capacity (seats) share: Week commencing 25-Aug-08
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