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Say “hello” to Jambo Jet: Kenya Airways’ low cost subsidiary


East Africa’s largest airline, Kenya Airways, is considering setting up a low cost subsidiary to operate some of its domestic and regional routes to meet rising competition in its core markets. Kenya Airways’ start-up LCC, to be named Jambo Jet (Jambo means “hello” in Swahili), will compete with Fly540, AirKenya and Jet Link. Jambo Jet will take over and complement some of Kenya Airways’ regional and domestic routes, and may even launch new routes for the parent company. [1103 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Kenya suffers from poorly connected domestic air service
  • Kenya’s growing middle class demands better air service
  • Kenya’s LCC market
  • No word on Jambo’s fleet yet
  • Kenya needs Jambo

Graphs and data:

  • Kenya Airways’ domestic route map
  • Hotel bed occupancy in Kenya by regions
  • Kenya Airways fleet data
  • Carriers based in Kenya and their networks
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