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SAA's new strategy focuses on expanding African network and east-west connections


South African Airways (SAA) expects to report its third straight consecutive year of profit, achieving an unusual level of stability for a flag carrier that was in a near constant state of restructuring for most of the last decade. SAA is now starting to resume expansion, focusing primarily on growing its intra-African operation and offering new east-west connections. However, questions linger over the carrier’s ability to take on the rising Middle Eastern carriers as they continue their expansion into Africa. [3004 words]

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  • Four new African destinations planned by end of 2011
  • Beijing service to be launched in 4Q2011 as part of new east-west focus
  • Middle Eastern carriers pose big threat to SAA
  • Domestic market over-crowded
  • High international capacity for an 'end of the line carrier'
  • New aircraft for replacement not growth
  • New airport at Durban has limited international offering
  • Is SAA’s new strategy enough?

Graphs and data:

  • South African Airways international capacity (seats per week) by region, 18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011
  • South African Airways top 10 international routes (seats per week), 18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011
  • South African Trade Export by Country (ZAR ‘000)
  • South African Trade Import by Country (ZAR ‘000)
  • Middle Eastern carriers operating between the Middle East and Africa
  • South African Airways international vs domestic capacity (seats) share
  • “End of the line carriers” international vs domestic capacity (seats) share
  • “End of the line carriers” capacity (ASKs per week) on top international and domestic routes
  • South African Airways fleet
  • South African Airways fleet data
  • South African Airways fleet replacement
  • Durban passenger numbers, Jan-2009 to Jun-2011
  • Capacity (seats per week) on Durban's three international routes, 18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011
  • Capacity (seats per week) on Durban's eight domestic routes, 18-Jul-2011 to 24-Jul-2011
  • South African Airways Route Map
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