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Russian LCCs lag behind BRIC counterparts


Russia was hit hard in the global financial crisis. As its GDP fell more than 6% in 2009, domestic capacity plunged 15% and demand fell away 10% over the year. Airport passenger traffic, however, rebounded strongly in 2010 with many airports posting 20%-plus year-on-year gains. LCCs, however, have not had a large part to play in this growth. [1791 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • LCC model proves difficult in Russian environs
  • Inequality entrenched by Russian customs regulations
  • Russian LCCs get creative
  • More creativity in the future

Graphs and data:

  • Russia domestic capacity (seats) OAG Mar 2004-2011
  • Russia international capacity (seats) OAG Mar 2004-2011
  • LCC domestic market share BRIC nations, 2004-2006 (for the month of March)
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