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Russian airport expansion plans raise prospects of cooperation with foreign investors


Both Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister (soon to be President again?) Vladimir Putin have in the last week spoken of plans to build a network of regional airports in Russia (Medvedev) and of making “an infrastructure, transport breakthrough” by modernising its road system and boosting the capacity of airports, railroads and sea terminals (Putin). These are grand schemes, but could they realistically be completed without increasingly resorting to the private sector, at home or abroad? [2602 words]

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  • Government airport investment to jump from RUB1 billion to RUB41 billion per annum
  • Europeans targeted for investment
  • Moving down the privatisation path
  • Impediments to privatisation
  • Concessions are regulated by a special federal law

Graphs and data:

  • Russian Federation capacity by carrier type: 07-Nov-2011 to 13-Nov-2011
  • Russian Federation seats by alliance: 07-Nov-2011 to 13-Nov-2011
  • St Petersburg international seat capacity: 07-Nov-2011 to 13-Nov-2011
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