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Review of the year – global airport privatisation still robust, but patchy


In 2011, similar criteria applied to airport investment as in the previous year. Any owner could not expect anything like what it might have received for the equivalent asset in 2007. Ergo BAA has bent over backwards to delay the enforced sale of London Stansted Airport, its biggest asset, until a more favourable environment exists but was not able to stop the equally enforced sale of Edinburgh Airport, scheduled for 1H2012. [4034 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Core airport operators
  • Shape shifters unite
  • A robust sector
  • Little losers
  • Litmus test for the resurgence in airport investment
  • Ideological shifts require pragmatic action
  • Emanuel puts Chicago deal in a coma
  • Pilot programme running out of steam
  • Ciudad Real tilted at windmills; investors lost their shirts
  • UK struggles to keep all its airports open
  • Prostrating itself to attract investors
  • Not as risky but still not for the faint-hearted
  • Not as bad as it might be...

Graphs and data:

  • Latin America country share of seats: Dec-2011
  • North America country share of seats: Dec-2011
  • North America capacity share by alliance: Dec-2011
  • Europe country share of seats: Dec-2011
  • Asia-Pacific country share of seats: Dec-2011
  • Africa country share of seats: Dec-2011
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