IATA halves Asia Pacific profit outlook for 2011

IATA downgraded (02-Mar-2010) its profit forecast for the airline industry from its Dec-2010 forecast of USD9.1 billion to USD8.6 billion due to the rising cost of fuel. Fuel costs are expected to be 29% of total costs this year compared with 26% in 2010.

The outlook for Asia Pacific airline profits was cut by 50% to USD3.7 billion. IATA Director General and CEO, Giovanni Bisignani, stated that the industry is looking at Asia to "play a much bigger role in shaping a more profitable future".

Details of IATA’s revised profit forecast for 2011 are as follows:

  • Revenue: USD594 million, +7.6% year-on-year;
  • Costs: USD575 million, +9.7%;
    • Fuel: USD166 million, +19.4%;
  • Operating profit: 18.4 million, -32.8%;
  • Net profit: USD8.6 million, -46.3%;
  • Passenger numbers: 2570 million, +5.4%;
  • Passenger yield: +1.5%;
  • Cargo volume: 46.2 million tonnes, +6.0%;
  • Cargo yield: +1.9%. 

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