GVK, Beijing Airport and MAp shares reduce, Vienna Airport gains

Shares in GVK Power and Infrastructure (GVKPIL) dipped 2.1% yesterday, as Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL), one of its key interests with a 29% stake, reconstituted its Board of Directors, inducting three new members from GVKPIL - GV Krishna Reddy, Indira K Reddy and GV Sanjay Reddy.

GVKPIL Chairman, GVK Reddy, also announced the company intends to “fast track” the implementation of a new Master Plan for Bengaluru International Airport. The Master Plan involves proceeding with the process to commence construction of a second terminal immediately, which will initially have capacity to handle 15 million passengers p/a and be further expanded to handle 36 million passengers p/a. The existing terminal will also be expanded to handle 15 million passengers p/a. 

Beijing Capital International Airport approved to issue corporate bonds

Meanwhile, China's Beijing Capital International Airport Company Ltd plans to issue domestic corporate bonds worth up to USD717 million, gaining approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Shares in Beijing Airport lost 2.0% yesterday.

Melbourne Airport reports record international traffic in 2009

In traffic news, Melbourne Airport recorded over 5 million international passengers for “first time in a calendar year” in 2009, when international passenger numbers rose 8.0% year-on-year to 5.2%. Domestic passenger numbers for the 12 months ended 31-Dec-2009 were stable at 19.9 million.

Shares in MAp, investor in Sydney Airport, declined 3.3% yesterday.

Vienna Airport: “Downward trend appears to have bottomed out”

In Europe, Vienna International Airport reported an 8.3% reduction in passenger numbers in Dec-2009, to 18.1 million, while cargo volumes dipped 0.8% to 185,724 tonnes. Vienna Airport Speaker of the Management Board, Herbert Kaufmann, however, stated the “downward trend now appears to have bottomed out and we expect an increase of 2.0% in passenger volume” in 2010.

Shares in Vienna Airport gained 0.4% yesterday.

Full traffic reports for Australia’s Melbourne Airport and Austria’s Vienna Airport are contained in today’s edition of Airport Business Daily, which also contains strategic news updates from around the world, including the latest traffic headlines:

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