Give your retail strategy a higher IQ with Retail Intelligence, powered by Sabre Travel AI

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The path through—and past—the pandemic era is wrought with uncertainty and change. Airlines, in particular, have had to make difficult calls about the future of their businesses while juggling different market dynamics and knowing that traveller expectations—formed out of the abundance of information available - have never been higher. All of these factors are impacting how the industry will retail, distribute and fulfill offers moving forward.

From a technology perspective, intelligence and agility are key. At Sabre, we’ve put considerable investment into cloud computing, open ecosystems and advancements in machine learning to accelerate our retailling strategies. For airlines, this translates to a faster market response and opens additional revenue streams, all while maintaining a low-cost structure.

If this sounds exciting – it is! Let’s explore how airlines can take advantage of these additional revenue streams.

As airlines move from selling seats as a commodity product to creating truly differentiated dynamic offers, they need intelligent technology to power their retailing strategy. Enter: Retail Intelligence, a new suite of products powered by Sabre Travel AI TM.

With this new suite of products, offer creation moves from a linear to a cyclical, self-learning process, allowing airlines to break away from manual rules and use a cloud-based engine to support infinite offers. It uses real-time industry insights and advanced machine learning models to test-and-learn in real time—presenting smart, personalised bundles to the right traveler at the right time.

The first Retail Intelligence products developed in partnership with Google Cloud--Sabre Air Price IQ and Ancillary IQ—are more intelligent, flexible and scalable than anything else in the market today.

Sabre Air Price IQ TM

Air Price IQ delivers ML-based price recommendations for airfare considering marketplace dynamics and customer context, pricing strategy, and booking velocity. It allows airlines to quickly adapt to changing market conditions, reduce time to market of new, more competitive prices and increase pricing precision and agility.

Ancillary IQ TM

Ancillary IQ dynamically prices ancillaries – whether a la carte or ancillary bundles. It considers propensity to purchase certain ancillaries together , e.g. Wi-Fi and lounge pass, to optimise ancillary offers. It provides airlines the opportunity to drive incremental revenue streams and increase traveller value and choice through more relevant offers.

Give your retail strategy a higher IQ

Using Retail Intelligence products, there is significant value and opportunity for airlines to increase their retailing sophistication. These products will help maximise revenue opportunities through dynamic pricing practices, improve the traveller experience through personalised offers and optimise operations through agile and scalable technology.

It’s time to give your retail strategy a higher IQ. 

To learn more about Sabre’s Retail Intelligence suite and see product demos, visit www.sabre.com/retailintelligence