GAP shares up, GMR/GVK continue to slump

Shares in Mexican airport operator GAP were up 2.9% in trading on Tuesday. Reports in the Mexican press have emerged that Mexicana plans to resume operations from late Jan-2010.

GAP reported combined traffic for its airports late last week, showing a 1.2% decline in domestic traffic and a 3.5% fall in international traffic for Dec-2010. Full-year traffic was up 4.9%, despite the Aug-2010 closure of Mexicana Group. GAP appointed a new CEO, Fernando Bosque Mohino, on 28-Dec-2010. Fellow Mexican airport operator, OMA, rose just 0.2%, while ASUR dropped 0.8%

Indian airport operators were also lower in trading yesterday, with GMR Infrastructure dropping 6.3% and GVK Infrastructure down 2.5%.

Selected airport daily share price movements (% change): 11-Jan-2011