Dufry sees currency effect on 2010 results, expands operations in Guadeloupe

Airport retailer Dufry AG stated its full-year sales in 2010 would be affected by the strength of the Swiss franc.

CFO Xavier Rossinyol told Dow Jones Newswires: "We will suffer a strong translation effect in 2010, we haven't disclosed how strong because we haven't disclosed fourth-quarter sales, but it will be important." The company will report its earnings on 24-Mar-201-

Meanwhile, Dufry announced the signing of a concession agreement on Friday to operate all airside retail space at Guadeloupe Pôle Caraïbes Airport in Pointe-à-Pitre for the next five years. Based on the new contract, a new 500sqm walk-through shop opened last week, including a full duty free assortment of international products.

The company's shares eased 0.4% yesterday.

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