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CAPA - Centre for Aviation is pleased to announce the launch of our daughter newsletter, BlueSwanDaily.com, covering events across the world, with headline news and analysis on much broader scale than currently available to non-members of CAPA.

The new Daily covers not just aviation, but also the broader scope of travel - including corporate travel - and tourism. It will do this in a slightly more irreverent way than its more staid parent and without the same in depth analysis and news reporting.

The South Pacific version has been winging around the southern hemisphere for some months. Now it is available via a daily newsletter covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Over coming weeks the Swan will spread its wings to the Americas and to Asia.

CAPA continues to produce over 400 news stories every day for members, delivered via the CAPA News app, along with in depth aviation analysis and an industry leading range of data and analytics, from fleet and MRO databases to financial, traffic schedules and many thousands of industry profiles.

  • CAPA - Centre for Aviation has launched a new newsletter called BlueSwanDaily.com, covering global events in the aviation, travel, and tourism industries.
  • The newsletter aims to provide a broader scope of news and analysis in a more irreverent manner compared to CAPA's existing offerings.
  • BlueSwanDaily.com is currently available for the South Pacific region and has now expanded to cover Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • CAPA continues to produce over 400 news stories daily for its members, along with in-depth aviation analysis and a wide range of data and analytics.
  • CAPA offers high-level strategy events, a comprehensive data suite, CAPA TV's aviation video library, and the Airline Leader journal.
  • CAPA India provides consultancy services for the Indian subcontinent market.

The BlueSwanDaily.com newsletter adds a new dimension to global travel reporting and analysis

CAPA's news and analysis

CAPA - Centre for Aviation has for many years provided the cornerstone subscription daily aviation news resource for the industry, covering aviation and related events for every corner of the globe. No other provider comes close to covering the 4-500 stories we produce every day. We also provide the most in depth and incisive aviation analysis to be found anywhere, provided by specialist CAPA analysts on every continent.

Comprehensive data suite

And, as our data resources have expanded over the past decade, CAPA is now in a position to deliver the full suite of data to meet most aviation industry needs. With the release of our new website and its greatly added functionality, including the added capability of API-enhanced data delivery right across the scope of our extensive resource.

High level strategy events

Then of course, CAPA provides many C level level aviation and corporate travel events around the world (our next global event, the Latin America Aviation Summit will be held in Cartagena on 11/12-Sep-2017), as well as a suite of corporate travel events in conjunction with ACTE across Australia and New Zealand.

CAPA TV's unmatched aviation video library

CAPA TV is a free resource available to all, incorporating a vast array of hundreds of interviews with industry CEOs, recordings of discussions at CAPA events.

Airline Leader, the airline industry's leading journal

CAPA's bi-monthly hard copy publication, Airline Leader contains the most consistently high quality analysis and data of any in the world, covering key industry issues, from tech disruption to network planning and across the entire global environment.

And CAPA India offers the sub-continent's leading consultancy advice

CAPA's associated company, CAPA India uniquely offers an extensive range of advisory services for airlines, airports, investors, suppliers and governments, to support their activities in the dynamic market Indian subcontinent.

But we felt something was missing...

While our members know us well - and we greatly appreciate your loyalty! - we wanted to reach a wider audience, to embrace a broader range of topics, beyond aviation directly.

As so much change is occurring across the business of doing aviation, we needed to address so many more issues across the travel, tourism, IT and technology and procurement spectrum, insofar as they affect the way the entire system comes together.

To achieve this without compromising the quality and specialisation of the various CAPA products, we thought a new offspring, freely available to all, would better meet the need to inform this new market - many of whom are new to the quirks of the airline industry.

BlueSwanDaily.com South Pacific - and now for the future

We'll be offering an eclectic mix of stories and news every day. For the time being we are only covering our home, the South Pacific and now Europe, Middle East and Africa.
But soon, thanks to our extensive global capabilities, we'll be bringing you daily coverage of the Americas and Asia.
Some of the stories that have gone up in the past few days are:

Egencia partners with Chrome River to provide one-click expense capabilities

Duty free stores remain preferred outlets for China's big spenders

There's much, much more, along with daily news briefs.

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