Amadeus drops on share sales – Suppliers Share Wrap

Amadeus bought back 10.2% of its shares from private equity firms BC Partners and Civen as well as Iberia, for a total of EUR617 million. Shares fell 2.9% by the close of trading.

BC Partners and Cinven led the acquisition of in 2005, buying the firm for EUR4.34 billion and delisting it. Amadeus conducted an IPO on the Madrid Stock Exchange in May-2010, listing 31.9% of its shares, with both Air France and Lufthansa reducing their holdings. Amadeus shares have gained almost 25% over the IPO closing price of EUR11 per share.

Both BC Partners and Civen sold 19.5 million shares at EUR13.50 a share, reducing their respective stakes to 13% (down from 17.4%). Iberia sold 1.5% at the same price, cutting its stake in the company to 7.5%.

Air France is now the company’s largest shareholder (at 15.2%). Lufthansa holds a 7.6% stake in the company.

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