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Qantas not out of the woods as load factors slump and yields remain stuck below 2008 levels


Qantas’ traffic report for May-2010 shows a continued recovery in international yields, although they are coming off a very low base last year. Between May and October 2009, the airline’s international yields were down by an extraordinary 20-30%. Strong growth off such low levels should be expected over the coming months. But yields remain well below 2008 levels, both internationally and domestically. [516 words]

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  • Domestic capacity war: Mainline +8.7%, Jetstar +7.6%. Load factors falling fast
  • Virgin Blue's domestic load factors falling

Graphs and data:

  • Qantas domestic and international yield growth (% change year-on-year): Jul-2008 to May-2010
  • Qantas Group passenger numbers growth: May-2009 to May-2010
  • Qantas Group PLF growth (ppts): May-2009 to May-2010
  • Qantas share price: Jun-2010
  • Virgin Blue int’l pax numbers and domestic pax numbers: May-2009 to May-2010
  • Virgin Blur domestic PLF and Int’l PLF: May-2009 to May-2010
  • Virgin Blue share price: Jun-2010
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