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Private partners sought for airport development at Mandalay in Myanmar


Since landmark elections were held in Apr-2012 and won by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy, events have been moving swiftly in Myanmar, formerly Burma. The election signalled the start of a more favourable business environment, including for the aviation sector. Several Asian carriers and airport operators have identified expansion opportunities in Myanmar, one of the most under-served markets in Asia and perhaps the world. Now, after inviting investors to help construct a second airport for Yangon, the government has made it known it is seeking private-sector partners to help develop Mandalay International Airport, which serves the country’s second largest city and largest tourist destination, into a logistics centre. [2332 words]

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  • Business climate still perceived as corrupt
  • Not OK Computer
  • Myanmar seeking partners for Mandalay airport upgrade
  • Least developed infrastructure
  • Hanthawaddy International Airport Project - bidders

Graphs and data:

  • Myanmar GDP growth¬†(year-over-year % change): 2008 to 2017
  • Myanmar inflation, average consumer prices (% change): 2008 to 2017
  • Myanmar volume of imports of goods and services (% change): 2008 to 2017
  • Myanmar population (persons): 2008 to 2017
  • Myanmar unemployment rate (% of total labour force): 2008 to 2017
  • Myanmar international destinations (countries) by capacity (seats per week, one way): 24-Sep-2012 to 30-Sep-2012
  • Mandalay Airport passenger numbers: 2007 to 2011
  • Yangon International Airport passenger numbers: 2007 to 2011
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