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Norwegian Air Shuttle continues expansionist path to capitalise on competitors’ weaknesses


Norwegian is continuing to capitalise on the weakness of its rivals, the troubled SAS and loss-making Finnair, with plans to increase capacity (ASKs) by 15% in 2009. [957 words]

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  • Looking long-haul, with third route to Dubai  
  • Norwegian and Smart Wings lead the way in Europe-Dubai offering, but Air Arabia and Air Berlin strongest in overall Europe-Middle East market
  • Expanding at Copenhagen – to become a ‘transfer hub’

Graphs and data:

  • Nordic carriers’ traffic highlights for Aug-2009
  • Europe’s largest LCCs
  • Norwegian’s market share on major routes from Oslo: 2Q06 to 2Q09
  • Oslo Airport carrier capacity share (%)
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle route network from Dubai: Sep-2009
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle sector length breakdown (frequency of city pairs (y axis) by sector length (km) (x axis)): Sep-2009
  • Europe to Middle East LCC capacity share: Sep-2009
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