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NATS reports profit in a challenging year


NATS, the UK’s major air navigation service provider, has managed to emerge from FY/2010 with its run of black ink intact. For the year to 31-Mar-2010, the ANSP reported an underlying profit before tax of GBP100.7 million, GBP43.2 million that its result in the previous financial year. Pre-tax profit was GBP78.3 million, again down on last year’s result, this time due by GBP57.2 million. [1314 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • More aggressive cost cutting to come
  • NATS Services and NERL
  • Delays at historical low
  • Slow return for traffic, but concerns remain
  • NERL pricing proposals to be decided by 2010

Graphs and data:

  • NATS revenue breakdown FY2010
  • NATS costs, FY2010
  • NERL price per CSU (@ 2008 GBP)
  • NERL average delay performance
  • NATS Air Traffic forecast
  • Eurocontrol price control
  • Oceanic prices
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