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Mumbai attacks to hurt Air India


The attacks in Mumbai at the end of Nov-08 are likely to turn a bad situation worse for the Indian aviation market. National Aviation Company of India (NACIL), the company formed from the merger of Air India and Indian Airlines, already expects a loss of close to USD650 million for Air India this year, primarily due to fuel costs and the global economic downturn, which has badly effected both the Indian domestic and international markets. [1786 words]

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  • Funding cushion to offset hard landing
  • Bailout demand doubles
  • IPO further down the track
  • Fare cuts and fee reductions to end the year

Graphs and data:

  • Indian domestic passenger traffic: Jan-07 to Oct-08
  • Mumbai International Airport domestic seat capacity. Week beginning 01-Dec-08
  • Mumbai International Airport international seating capacity. Week beginning 01-Dec-08
  • Indian major carriers market share
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