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Miami Airport's rising international status


For centuries New York has been the point of entry for persons headed for the US. In recognition of this status, Eliis Island is now a National Monument dedicated to the millions who passed through its facilities. In the 20th century, as aviation overtook sea travel, the focus shifted to the airports - specifically New York's Idlewild, which became JFK. Eventually, as additional cities gained direct international links, many travelers bypassed New York and flew directly to or via other gateways. Nonetheless, JFK retains its special significance and remains the initial point of entry for most carriers establishing new service.But,surprisingly, the airport that now boasts the largest percentage of international flights lies far to the south of New York - in Miami. [1107 words]

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  • American's Latin American role at Miami flows right through its domestic system
  • Only AirTran offers a low cost product at Miami
  • Miami is oneworld
  • Miami steadily declining
  • Miami will however retain a key role in the American grid

Graphs and data:

  • Major airports' share (%) of Domestic Traffic and total capacity per week (seats)
  • International traffic mix at JFK, EWR and MIA (%)
  • US-Latin America capacity by airport
  • Miami International Airport domestic capacity share (by seats): Week commencing 18-Jan-2010
  • Top Ten domestic destinations (city) from Miami
  • International capacity share (by seats): Week commencing 18-Jan-2010
  • Miami Airport alliance shares
  • Miami Airport route distribution by region
  • Miami Airport total seats offered
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  • Miami Airport Core Facts
  • ____________________________
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