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Melbourne asks for a third airport while Sydney still struggles for a second


Australia’s two largest cities are in a quandary over the need for additional airports. Melbourne, which already has a privately operated secondary domestic airport in addition to the main international one, needs another according to the Victorian Chamber of Commerce (VCC). Meanwhile, the Federal Transport Minister declared he was pessimistic about the likelihood of a second airport in Sydney, a project that has rumbled on for decades without getting anywhere remotely close to resolution. [2269 words]

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  • Popular with the Chinese
  • Under one roof
  • Everybody needs good neighbours
  • Avalon fails to acquire legendary status
  • Essendon not in the mix
  • Paralysis by analysis?
  • Not in my backyard

Graphs and data:

  • Melbourne Tullamarine Airport capacity by carrier (seats): Jan 2012
  • Melbourne Airport terminal layout
  • Greater Melbourne map
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