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Low cost model unsuitable for India: Paramount Airways MD


Paramount Airways Managing Director, M Thiagarajan, has reiterated his belief that the “low cost model will not work in the Indian market”. Mr Thiagarajan previously stated in Aug-2009 the carrier has no plans to adjust its full service carrier business model, even as Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines and Air India move significant amounts of capacity to their LCC subsidiaries. [778 words]

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  • But LCCs now account for 52% of domestic Indian capacity
  • …And 13% of international capacity to/from India
  • Moving toward international expansion in two years
  • Paramount’s passenger load factor outperforms domestic rivals

Graphs and data:

  • LCC capacity share within India: Aug-01 to Aug-09
  • Indian domestic market: Key facts
  • LCC capacity share to/from India: Aug-01 to Aug-09
  • Indian international market: Key facts
  • Paramount Airways fleet plan: Sep-2009
  • Paramount Airways passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth (% change year-on-year): Aug-2008 to Aug-2009
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