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Load factors high in US domestic operations; lower in Canada and Brazil


US carriers reported an impressive average load factor of 86.9% in domestic operations in Jul-08, with load factors notably lower in the Canadian and South American markets. [459 words]

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  • Allegiant, AirTran and Delta only American carriers recording load factor improvements in Jul-08
  • WestJet fastest growing carrier in Jul-08; Air Tran, GOL, Allegiant and JetBlue continue on traffic growth path
  • Capacity growth divide in 2008: Network carriers' shrinking; LCCs growing

Graphs and data:

  • Selected North and South American airlines' load factors (%) and load factor growth (year-on-year change): Jul-08
  • Select American traffic (RPMs) and traffic (RPM) growth: Jul-08
  • North American carriers' domestic capacity (ASMs) and capacity (ASM) growth for the seven months ended 31-Jul-08
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