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Airports struggle with life after Ryanair


Ryanair has been cancelling or suspending services at a wide range of airports across Europe, including in countries where it is growing. Is there any discernible strategy here or is it no more than coincidence, as a result of too many disagreements with airports? What future prospects are there for smaller airports when Ryanair decides to quit? [2698 words]

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  • Tourist tax almost physical barrier to O'Leary
  • Airports can be losers in the airline find-a-route game
  • 30% flight cut at Hahn
  • Marseille base to close
  • Spanish conundrum
  • Inland alternative
  • Five airports lost
  • Shannon possible template for smaller airports

Graphs and data:

  • Table 1: Ryanair’s top bases Nov-2010, seats by week, year-on-year comparison
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