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Kingfisher shows growth in Aug-2009, but lags the overall market


Latest Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation data shows the Indian domestic market grew by 25.6% year-on-year, with Kingfisher turning in an apparently stunning performance, showing growth of 91.1%. But the figure includes the former Air Deccan (now Kingfisher Red), taken over by Kingfisher in late 2008. When this year’s figure is compared to the aggregate of Kingfisher and Deccan in Aug-2008, the carrier’s growth is a much more modest 13.3%. [910 words]

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  • Increased frequencies to existing ports, rather than network expansion – but watch the yield
  • Equity raising remains a priority
  • Some debts cleared – another not

Graphs and data:

  • Kingfisher Airlines and Deccan combined domestic passenger numbers (thousands) and year-on-year change (%): Aug-2008 to Aug-2009
  • Kingfisher Airlines domestic market share: Aug-2006 to Aug-2009
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