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Kingfisher captures over a quarter of the contracting domestic market


Ministry of Civil Aviation reports India’s domestic market contracted 4.4% year-on-year in May-2009. In the period, Kingfisher Airlines increased its passenger numbers by 70.6%. However, this is the aggregate of both Kingfisher and Deccan traffic, which has been combined since Nov-2008

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  • Loans and a stake sale to foreign investors are among plans to increase working capital
  • Takes first step with Kingfisher codeshare alliance
  • ┬áCommences Middle East expansion and shifts domestic services to low cost market
  • Executive Vice President resigns

Graphs and data:

  • Kingfisher Airlines domestic passenger numbers (thousands) and year-on-year change (%): Jun-2008 to May-2009
  • Indian carriers domestic market share: May-2009
  • Features of proposed Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways alliance
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