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Jetstar International still the shining star as Qantas Group yield and load factor slumps in March


Jetstar, and particularly its international operations provides a glimmer of hope for the Qantas Group, as the Australian domestic market continues to deteriorate. Domestic yields had been hovering in the negative low single-digit range for much of the past financial year until January. February’s 9.7% plunge was followed by a 10.1% reduction in domestic yield in March, reflecting the Australian economy’s move into recession. [1470 words]

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  • Jetstar vital to group health
  • International share growth exceeds domestic share
  • 22% international capacity growth in Mar-2009
  • Competition on trans-Tasman route intensifies
  • Adding competition to Singapore-Bangkok sector
  • Expands interline agreements to support near Asian growth strategy
  • Fined for Sydney Airport curfew breach

Graphs and data:

  • Australian domestic 'Best Discount' air fares index (Jul-2003 = 100): May-04 to May-09
  • Australian domestic air fare index (Jul-2003 = 100): May-08 to May-09
  • Qantas Group passenger number growth: Apr-08 to Mar-09
  • Qantas Group passenger numbers by carrier in Mar-2009 (%)
  • Qantas Group capacity (ASKs) growth: Apr-08 to Mar-09
  • Qantas Group capacity growth by carrier: Mar-2009 (%)
  • Top five international airlines to/from Australia by passenger market share
  • Qantas Group passenger load factor growth: Apr-08 to Mar-09
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