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Jet Airways reports bleak first quarter


A change in depreciation policy may have helped India’s largest airline to report a profit in its first quarter (three months to Jun-08), but there is no denying the underlying business has taken a massive hit. Every way one looks at Jet’s result, the figures are ugly – and they reflect a sector in crisis. The rational deployment of capacity must urgently be restored to the Indian market, where airline losses are expected to have reached USD1 billion in the past financial year (of which Jet contributed USD63 million). [499 words]

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Graphs and data:

  • Jet Airways EBITDAR margin: FY1Q08 to FY1Q09
  • Jet Airways revenue breakdown: International vs domestic: FY2Q07 to FY1Q09
  • Jet Airways passenger load factor vs passenger break even load factor: FY2Q07 to FY1Q09
  • Jet Airways yield (per RPK) growth vs unit cost (per ASK): 1Q08 to 1Q09
  • Jet Airways domestic passenger numbers vs passenger number growth: Jan-07 to Jun-08
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