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Jazeera Airways' turnaround continues to show results


A slimmer Jazeera Airways has reported record profits for the three months (second quarter) to 30-Jun-2011, reversing the losses suffered in the same period last year. The carrier achieved a KWD2.2 million net profit, compared to a net loss of KD4.7 million in 2Q2010, despite battling the unrest in the Middle East and higher oil prices. [772 words]

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  • 2011 performing above expectations
  • A long-term turnaround

Graphs and data:

  • Kuwait Airways revenue and net profit: 1Q2010 to 2Q2011
  • Jazeera Airways yields: 1Q2009 to 2Q2011
  • Jazeera Airways net margins: 1Q2010 to 2Q2011
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