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Japan Airlines cutting back, seeking government support?


The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index for Japan suffered its largest monthly fall in Dec-08 since the height of the oil crisis 35 years ago. As the Board noted, the country's economic indicators "have been falling for more than a year now, and their rate of decline continued to accelerate in the second half of 2008". And household sentiment is now at a record low. [673 words]

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  • Where to now?
  • Haneda opportunities beckon, but getting there might be hard

Graphs and data:

  • JAL Group operating profit margin and net profit margin: FY03 to 1-3QFY08 (Financial year ended 31-Mar)
  • JAL Group and ANA Group share price: 02-Mar-08 to 06-Feb-09 Index 02-Mar-08 =1
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