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Is re-regulation the way out for the US?


In almost every Laurel and Hardy movie the comes a moment when Oliver glares at a usually weepy Stan and says something like, “Now look the mess you’ve gotten us into.” While it is clear to all US aviation stakeholders and travelers that there is a mess, there is, alas, no particular “Stan” to take the rap. Consolidation, the next big thing, is causing a new and different type of angst in the market, with unions and legislators discussing the need for some sort of re-regulation in order to shore-up the current players and, arguably, return them to consistent profitability. Despite the flurry of consumer-related regulation already in place, this would be a massive u-turn for a country which gave the world deregulation, as CAPA investigates. [2707 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Coming off bad times, maybe
  • The industry's problems are not all external
  • New operational models following deregulation
  • All those people! Deregulation = growth. But infrastructure missed the revolution
  • One Example: The fall and rise of JFK
  • Southwest arrives under the radar
  • 2010 and deregulation is under the spotlight
  • Unique factors
  • Is re-regulation really the solution?
  • The hope-y part

Graphs and data:

  • Operating fleets for Selected Airline/Years
  • Primary Fleets: USA, Europe, South/East Asia
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