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Aviation profits threatened by oil prices, sustainable returns remain a challenge: IATA


IATA Director General and CEO, Giovanni Bisignani, cautioned that if oil prices remain at current levels, the industry’s return to profitability would be threatened. He simultaneously noted the “pathetic” 2.7% profit margin reported by the industry in 2010 and noted the challenges in delivering sustainable profitability. [1100 words]

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  • Airline profitability to be affected by fuel prices
  • FY2010 growth above long-term trend line
  • Slight decline in break-even load factor for 2010
  • Airfreight stabilising
  • Outlook

Graphs and data:

  • IATA international passenger traffic
  • International passenger load factors
  • International load factor by region
  • IATA international passenger traffic growth by region
  • International freight traffic
  • International freight growth by region
  • International freight load factors
  • Freight load factor by region
  • IATA Dec-2010 and FY2010 international traffic growth
  • Month-on-month traffic comparisons: Dec-2010 vs Nov-2010
  • IATA international passenger demand analysis by region
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