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Indonesian Aviation Outlook: A massive aviation opportunity, but some risks to growth


Population: 230 million. Air passengers: just 50 million p/a. Indonesia is an immense aviation opportunity. Predominantly domestic, Indonesia’s air traffic is primed for world-leading growth rates in the coming decade, fuelled by economic expansion and rising incomes, increasing trade and tourism and a geography (of difficult terrain and large expanses of water) that encourages air travel. [1720 words]

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  • Indonesia now world’s 12th biggest domestic market
  • Domestic market to grow 60% by 2015
  • Lion Air has lion’s share
  • International capacity soaring
  • Fragmented international market
  • Point to point and hubbing
  • Indonesian airlines grow internationally by 20% in 2009
  • Garuda’s ‘Quantum Leap’
  • Hottest Airlines to Watch in 2011
  • Mandala Airlines looks for new investors
  • Indonesia’s international market to more than double by 2015
  • LCC penetration within Indonesia set to grow
  • Domestic LCC share jumps in 2010
  • International LCC share soaring in Indonesia
  • Conclusion: Build now!

Graphs and data:

  • Indonesian domestic air passenger numbers (mill): 1996 to 2015F
  • Indonesian domestic passengers (mill) by airline: 2008 and 2009
  • Indonesian annual international capacity (million seats): 2001 to 2015F
  • Indonesian international market capacity shares by airline (%): Nov-2010
  • International markets linked to Indonesia (% of weekly schedules): Nov-2010
  • Garuda Indonesia international passenger numbers: 1996 to 1H2010
  • Garuda Indonesia’s international network: 2008
  • Garuda Indonesia’s international network: 2014
  • Selected Asia Pacific airlines’ deliveries by 2012
  • Asia Pacific domestic LCC penetration by capacity (seats) by country: 2010
  • Indonesian domestic capacity (seats per month), LCCs as a percentage of the total: 2001 to 2010
  • Indonesian international capacity (seats per month), LCCs as a percentage of the total: 2001 to 2010
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