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Indian aviation industry requires continued investment as rapid growth continues


India’s Civil Aviation Secretary Dr Nasim Zaidi this month forecast that the country is poised to emerge as the third largest aviation market in the world by the end of this decade. He further said that huge potential in this sector is yet to be tapped and this is possible only with cooperation and coordination among the stakeholders: Central government, State governments and the private sector. [2358 words]

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  • Investment required to cope with phenomenal traffic growth
  • India‚Äôs domestic market continues to show impressive growth in Apr-2011
  • Kingfisher largest standalone carrier, IndiGo still bigger than Jet and Air India
  • LCC penetration almost triples in five years to 47% of market
  • Load factors weaken slightly in Apr-2011
  • Capacity growth exceeded traffic growth in Apr-2011
  • Air India discounts massively, Jet increases ticket prices by 20%
  • Jet fuel prices finally declining
  • On-Time-Performance (OTP) rate of 88% in Apr-2011
  • Visitor arrivals to India up 17.7% in Apr-2011

Graphs and data:

  • India domestic passengers: Four months to Apr-2011
  • Indian carrier domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Jan-2006 to Apr-2011 (April in light blue and trend line in green)
  • Indian carrier domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Apr-2009 to Apr-2011
  • India domestic market share by carrier: Apr-2011
  • Indian domestic passenger traffic: Apr-2011
  • Indian carriers seat factor: Mar-2011 to Apr-2011
  • Indian carriers seat factor: Apr-2011
  • Capacity vs demand levels: May-2010 to Apr-2011
  • India domestic on-time performance rate: Apr-2011
  • Reasons for delays in Apr-2011
  • India on-time performance rate of foreign carriers to/from India: Apr-2011
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