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Indian Airlines Prepare for Consolidation Round 2


India’s airline sector appears headed for another round of consolidation in 2009, as carriers seek to return the industry to profitability after a turbulent couple of years. Earlier attempts have not been particularly successful. But this appears to be the only option. [1995 words]

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  • Consolidation Round 1: Disappointing Results
  • Jet Airways-Air Sahara: a strategic mistake
  • Air India-Indian Merger: Nice idea, poor execution
  • Kingfisher Airlines-Deccan: Not as easy as it sounded
  • More Consolidation now around the Corner?
  • The Outlook: Round 2 for the New Indian Airline Industry

Graphs and data:

  • Indian domestic market share in Jan-09
  • Jet Airways share price: Mar-05 to 09-Mar-09
  • Air India market share: Jan-04 to Jan-09
  • Indian domestic passenger load factor in Jan-09
  • Domestic Capacity Change by Carrier Feb-09 v May-09
  • Indian domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Feb-08 to Jan-09
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