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Improving political situation offers Airports of Thailand grounds for optimism


Airports of Thailand (AoT) released its consolidated financial report for the 12 months ending 30-Sep-2009. The period in question was affected by the combined effects of an unholy alliance of the global economic crisis, the swine flu pandemic and, uniquely in Thailand’s case, the political unrest that caused airports to be closed down entirely. IATA’s CEO has again been canvassing for a single commercial airport in Bangkok just as the government seems, again, two have decided on two, while AirAsia’s CEO advocates slashing charges for LCCs, as would be expected. [2082 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • ‘Severe external factors’ influence AoT’s aviation and non-aviation revenue streams
  • Aeronautical Revenues down across the board by 19%
  • Non-aeronautical revenues reduce by 20.34%
  • Improved passenger and cargo statistics in October but only when compared to last year’s low base
  • Investment to be pared back
  • Does Bangkok need more competition rather than just one airport?
  • AirAsia’s Fernandes advocates THB250 PSC
  • Thai airlines’ healthier outlook despite government interference   

Graphs and data:

  • AoT consolidated financial highlights: 12 months ended Sep-2009
  • AoT net profit margin: 1Q09 to 4Q09 (year ended 30-Sep-2009)
  • AoT passenger numbers growth: Sep-08 to Oct-09
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