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Hong Kong cargo traffic starts slow climb back, but passenger markets and yields another story


Latest traffic data for Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (HACTL) show cargo volumes probably bottomed in Jan-2009, but a long slow recovery is ahead for the city’s freight operators. Passenger numbers and yields however remain depressed, with Cathay conceding Economy passengers are “only willing to travel at the much lower fares available in a highly competitive marketplace”. [545 words]

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  • Cargo markets may have bottomed in Jan-2009, but “tremendous” pressure on yield
  • “Grim outlook” - HACTL

Graphs and data:

  • Cathay Pacific passenger number and cargo volume growth: Apr-08 to Mar-09
  • Cathay Pacific capacity growth by region: Apr-08 to Mar-09
  • Cathay Pacific passenger load factor growth by region: Apr-08 to Mar-09
  • Hactl cargo volume growth: Apr-08 to Mar-09
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