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‘Golden era’ for China aviation expected to continue for 20 years, with a little government help


The next 20 years would continue to be the "golden era" for China’s aviation sector, according to CAAC Administrator Li Jiaxiang. With continued growth in the aviation sector, the government is investing heavily in the aviation industry over the next five years and is encouraging the nation’s carriers to consolidate to boost their international competitiveness. [1158 words]

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  • Aggregate profit of USD2bn for China’s airlines in 1H2011
  • Traffic growth lower than 2011 goal
  • Decline in cargo traffic in 1H2011
  • Fleet size to increase by 63% between 2010 and 2015: CAAC

Graphs and data:

  • China annual traffic and average daily passenger levels
  • CAAC annual traffic and forecast traffic:  2003 to 2030F
  • CAAC domestic passenger growth vs international passenger growth: Jan-2010 to Jun-2011
  • Comparison of select countries’ domestic vs international capacity (seats) share: (25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • China capacity (seats per week, to/from/within) by carrier (25-Jul-2011 to 31-Jul-2011)
  • CAAC passenger numbers growth vs cargo volume growth: Jan-2010 to Jun-2011
  • Comparison of select countries’ fleet compositions
  • China's aviation profit up 27% in 1H2011
  • CAAC reported the following traffic highlights for the six months ended 30-Jun-2011
  • CAAC reported the following traffic highlights in Jun-2011
  • CAAC announces 2015 targets
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