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GOL overtakes TAM as largest domestic carrier in Brazil


GOL surpassed TAM to become Brazil’s largest domestic carrier in Feb-2011 for the first time since at least the start of 2006, as competition intensifies in the high-growth and robust Brazilian market. [1925 words]

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  • Brazil's domestic market grows 9% in Feb-2011; GOL and TAM dominant
  • Smaller carriers gaining market share; planning for future growth
  • TAM and GOL anticipate double-digit domestic traffic growth in 2011
  • TAM dominate in international market
  • LAN-TAM merger faces hurdle
  • GOL aims to sign four international partnerships in 2011
  • TAM fleet reaches record for Brazil market; GOL to maintain single-aisle fleet
  • Intra-Latin America and domestic passenger numbers increase strongly
  • Rapid growth profile driven to emergence and growth of aggressive LCCs

Graphs and data:

  • Brazil domestic traffic data for Feb-2011
  • Brazil domestic traffic (RPKs): Feb-2011
  • Capacity share on 10 major routes in Brazil in 2010
  • Propensity to travel: 2009
  • Azul route map: As at Mar-2011
  • WebJet route map: As at Mar-2011
  • TRIP route network: Mar-2011
  • TAM guidance for 2011
  • GOL guidance for 2011
  • Brazil international traffic data for Feb-2011
  • TAM Linhas Aereas international vs domestic capacity share (21-Mar-2011 to 27-Mar-2011)
  • Gol international vs domestic capacity share (21-Mar-2011 to 27-Mar-2011)
  • TAM existing fleet: as at 4Q2010
  • TAM fleet plan: 2011 to 2015
  • GOL fleet: As at 31-Mar-2011
  • GOL fleet plans: 2011 to 2015
  • ALTA passenger numbers and passenger load factor: 2007 to 2010
  • ALTA traffic: Jan-2011
  • Domestic Brazil LCC capacity growth: Mar-2002 to Mar-2011
  • APPENDIX: GOL and TAM financial and traffic results
  • GOL Feb-2011 traffic highlights 
  • GOL financial results for 4Q2010 and FY2010
  • TAM financial results for 4Q2010 and FY2010
  • ALTA traffic by region: Jan-2011
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