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Germany: A dynamic market in which consolidation activity features strongly


The German aviation market is a dynamic one, dominated by European giant, Lufthansa, and its host of subsidiaries, and also featuring Europe’s third largest LCC, Air Berlin, which has, like Lufthansa, also been pursuing an acquisition strategy. The market also features an assortment of smaller LCCs, regional airlines and charter carriers. The airline market is increasingly vibrant, but it was not always so. Dominated, as it still is, by Lufthansa and its satellites, competition was severely constrained until the late 1990s, when serious competition started to arrive in the form of new airlines, delivered a new scope of life under European Union principles of open skies. [9862 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Lufthansa’s multi-brand and airport hub expansion
  • A tough 2009 for Germany’s airlines
  • Tourism feeling the effects of the recession, but Germany doing better than its neighbours
  • Frankfurt has more ground to catchup than Heathrow and Paris CDG
  • Frankfurt coming back more strongly at end of 2009
  • Frankfurt has "emerged from the trough"
  • Cargo volumes improved more noticeably
  • Outlook: Aviation structure and economic engine synchronised for growth

Graphs and data:

  • Lufthansa Group and Air Berlin EBIT and net profit/loss margins for the nine months ended Sep-2009
  • European Airlines share price growth in 2009
  • Germany domestic capacity (seats per month), LCCs as a percentage of the total: Jan-Aug-2001 vs Jan-Aug-2009 
  • Germany international capacity (seats per month), LCCs as a percentage of the total: Jan-Aug-2001 vs Jan-Aug-2009 
  • Domestic LCC penetration by capacity (seats): 2009   
  • Germany domestic capacity (seats) share by carrier: Jan-2010
  • Germany international capacity (seats) share by carrier: Jan-2010
  • GDP growth rates among the major Western European developed economies
  • Key German economic statistics: 2000 to 2008
  • Trips per capita by country: 2008
  • Germany international tourist arrivals: 1Q2008 to 1Q2009
  • Germany: Total number of visitors 2004 to 2008
  • Germany: Total International Visitors 2004 to 2008
  • Real ticket prices in EU decrease by 5.4% in Nov-2009
  • EUROCONTROL IFR short-term forecast for 2010; back to growth for Germany
  • EUROCONTROL IFR Movements: 2009; German movements down 7.0%
  • EUROCONTROL IFR Movements per day by European country: Sep-2009 to Nov-2009
  • Lufthansa key details: Jan-2010
  • Lufthansa Group: Jan-2010
  • Lufthansa corporate structure
  • SWISS, Lufthansa and BMI passenger load factor: Jul-2009 to Dec-2009
  • Eurowings restructure details: Jan-2010
  • Air Berlin key details: Jan-2010
  • Air Berlin & Lufthansa Group passenger numbers growth (%): Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Air Berlin vs Lufthansa Group passenger load factor: Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Air Berlin & Lufthansa Group passenger load factor growth: Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Air Berlin revenue per ASK (RASK) growth (% change year-on-year) and trend line: Apr-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Air Berlin two-year change in revenue RASK (EUR cents) and trend line: Apr-2009 to Nov-2009
  • The Air Berlin group
  • TUIfly key details: Jan-2010
  • TUI Group 
  • TUIfly network: Jan-2010
  • Blue Wings’ key details prior to suspension: Jan-2010
  • Blue Wings notice of service suspension (German): 13-Jan-2010
  • Blue Wings notice of service suspension (English): 13-Jan-2010
  • Blue Wings’ network prior to cessation: Jan-2010
  • Blue Wings’ fleet plan: Jan-2010 (prior to cessation)
  • Germanwings key details: Jan-2010
  • Germanwings financial highlights for the nine months ended 30-Sep-2009
  • Germanwings fleet plan: Jan-2010
  • Germanwings Winter 2009/2010 Network
  • Germanwings destination map: Jan-2010
  • German railway network
  • Germanwings destinations available via
  • bmibaby destinations available via
  • Germany’s other smaller airlines: Jan-2010
  • Air transportation passengers in Germany: 2004 to 2009
  • Monthly development of traffic at 23 German Airports (German Airport Association): Jan-2009 to Dec-2009
  • 2009 traffic results for select German Airports
  • Distribution of passengers at Germany’s airports by country: 2008
  • Air passengers embarking in Germany, by continent of destination: 1990 to 2007
  • London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Frankfurt International airports: Total passenger traffic 2007 to 2009
  • London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Frankfurt International passenger numbers (mill): 2007 to 2009
  • London Heathrow, Frankfurt International and Paris-CDG airports passenger number growth: Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Frankfurt Airport pax growth and cargo volume growth: Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
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