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Frontier Airlines reports worsening operating losses in seasonally low Oct-08


Frontier reported a net loss of USD20.5 million in the seasonally low month of Oct-08. Frontier is now required to release monthly operating reports while in bankruptcy protection. This is a marginally improved result from Sep-08’s USD20.8 million net loss, but notably worse than the USD5.6 million net loss reported in Aug-08. The LCC also reported a USD15.9 million operating loss in Oct-08, following an USD11.4 million operating loss in Sep-08, which was preceeded by operating profits of 3.3 million and 1.2 million in Aug-08 and Jul, respectively. [939 words]

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  • To reduce mainline capacity by 17% in the six months to Mar-09
  • Burning the furniture: Cash and cash equivalents of USD52 million in Oct-08
  • Some success with Labour Unions

Graphs and data:

  • Frontier Airlines Holdings monthly financial highlights
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings operating expenses: May-08 to Sep-08
  • Frontier capacity growth (ASK) growth: Jan-04 to Oct-08
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings monthly cash and cash equivalent levels
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