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Flughafen Wien fights to halt traffic decline on key routes; negative three & nine-month financials


Austria’s Flughafen Wien Group, parent of Vienna International Airport, has released its financial report for the three and nine month periods ending 30-Sep-2009. A sea of minus signs mean neither makes for comfortable reading. Traffic in the key eastern European market has collapsed. However, a more favourable set of passenger and cargo figurers in Oct-09 permit some hope. The VIE-Skylink construction remains suspended. [1369 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Slower decline in traffic but worrying losses on AUA routes
  • Outlook improving
  • Ryanair playing off Bratislava v. Vienna?
  • Corporate spending – Skylink work remains suspended.

Graphs and data:

  • Flughafen Wien financial highlights for the three months ended Sep-2009 (all financial figures EUR million)
  • Flughafen Wien financial highlights for the nine months ended Sep-2009 (all financial figures EUR million)
  • Chart 1: Vienna Airport revenue, EBITDA & net profit: 9 months ended Sep-2009 & 3Q2009
  • Chart 2: Vienna Airport passenger numbers: 2005 to 9 months ended Sep-2009
  • Table: Selected European hub airport traffic: Oct-2009 
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