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European airlines ramp-up capacity to China


Asia Pacific, particularly China, is one of the current destination hotspots for European carriers, with connections between Europe and China improving in recent months and over the past couple of years. The initial focus was obviously on providing connectivity between key European hubs and the capital city of Beijing, with services to Shanghai also quite extensive, although a number of carriers are adding service to secondary, albeit still large destinations in China, such as Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqin, Urumqi, Sancha, Dalian and Harbin. [3768 words]

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  • Initial focus on Beijing and Shanghai; expanding to secondary cities
  • Lufthansa, Air France and KLM the largest airlines operating between Europe and China
  • Lufthansa - the largest European airline operating to/from China. To introduce service to Qingdao and Shenyang
  • Air France-KLM targeting 20% China sales growth
  • KLM launches Amsterdam-Shanghai Pudong and Amsterdam-Xiamen services
  • Aeroflot increasing China network over winter 2011/2012
  • Turkish Airlines – launches service to Guangzhou in Jan-2011
  • British Airways celebrates 75 years of flights to Hong Kong
  • Finnair – China market a key part of Finnair’s Europe-Asia strategy
  • S7 Airlines – new strategy to expand Russia-Far East services
  • Vladivostok Air also expanding Far Eastern network
  • Virgin Atlantic opens Shanghai office
  • China market present opportunities and challenges for European airlines

Graphs and data:

  • International capacity to/from China (including Hong Kong and Macau) (seats): 2001 to 2011
  • Top 10 international aviation markets (seats): 2010
  • Top 10 airports in Asia in 2010
  • Beijing Capital Airport international capacity (seats) by region (08-Aug-2011 to 14-Aug-2011)
  • Shanghai PuDong Airport international capacity (seats) by region (08-Aug-2011 to 14-Aug-2011)
  • Top 10 European carriers operating to/from China: Aug-2011
  • Weekly capacity from China to European destinations
  • China to France (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 29-Jan-12)
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 29-Jan-12)
  • China to Russian Federation (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 29-Jan-12)
  • London Heathrow Airport to Hong Kong International Airport (seats per week, one way, 4-Jul-11 to 29-Jan-12)
  • Fastest growing carriers to China: 2006 to 2011 (seats per week)
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