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EUROCONTROL: Traffic getting worse: Downwards revision to an already grim 2009 movements forecast


European ANSPs are already forecast to lose more then EUR1 billion in revenue this year, but worse may yet be to come for ANSPs in what is the world’s most dense and most complicated air traffic control region. [1029 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Traffic situation stabilizing in Europe
  • Large markets amongst the worst hit
  • International traffic decline
  • A return to growth in late 2009?
  • Charging units to decline

Graphs and data:

  • EUROCONTROL short-term IFR movements forecast
  • European IFR movement declines of 10% or more: Year to Apr-2009
  • Europe area additional flights per day by segment
  • European IFR movement growth: Year to Apr-2009
  • Evolution of IATA's passenger & cargo traffic forecasts for 2009
  • EUROCONTROL IFR movements forecast for 2010
  • Actual total service units recorded in the ESRA02 charging area in 2007-2009
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