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Emirates looks at revising profit forecast again


The falling price of fuel has been prompting some cautious optimism at Emirates. Earlier in the year the carrier cut USD500 million from its profit forecast and announced it was slowing its expansion until fuel retreated below a USD105 per barrel threshold. However, the last month has seen a reversal of the previous forecast and the carrier’s President, Tim Clark, has injected some confidence back into the carrier’s full year outlook. [1685 words]

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  • IPO to be delayed
  • Further fare reductions to stimulate demand
  • Growth unabated
  • New routes before the end of the year, more frequencies in 2009
  • Terminal 3 relieves pressure at Dubai International Airport
  • Boeing strike a threat to the Emirates expansion
  • Working through the crisis

Graphs and data:

  • WTI & Brent Spot Oil prices: 29-Feb-08 to 21-Oct-08
  • Emirates aircraft deliveries: 2008-2019
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