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Emirates: Fuel below USD105 per barrel: let the expansion continue


Emirates has some challenging decisions ahead of it, as the global financial crisis deepens. After slashing its profit outlook by more USD500 million and announcing it would halt its route expansion plans until fuel dropped below USD105 per barrel, Sep-08 has delivered lower fuel prices, but also cascading financial turmoil in many of Emirates’. [1118 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Second A380 on the way
  • Emirates announces Terminal 3 migration plan
  • Long-term distribution agreement with Sabre
  • Outlook: Some big questions ahead

Graphs and data:

  • WTI & Brent Spot Oil prices: 29-Feb-08 to 23-Sep-08
  • Dubai International Airport market share: week ending 27-Sep-08
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