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Effects of swine flu “may have now stopped getting worse” for Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific CEO, Tony Tyler, stated in mid-Jul-09 that demand amid the global financial downturn and swine flu outbreak “may have now stopped getting worse”, with the effects of the outbreak easing in Jul-2009. However, Mr Tyler added that the carrier cannot be certain, due to an “unsettling lack of visibility”. According to Cathay Pacific, the outbreak has had a particularly severe impact on two of the carrier’s largest markets, Hong Kong and Japan. [1427 words]

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  • Continues with Middle East expansion plans
  • Plans temporary capacity reductions
  • Ends baggage and ramp handling contract with Qantas
  • Purchases carbon emission tonnes
  • Publishes Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • Pilot union loses case against Civil Aviation Department
  • Tony Tyler named IATA Chairman

Graphs and data:

  • Cathay Pacific passenger number and cargo volume growth: Jul-2008 to Jun-2009
  • Middle East-North East Asia capacity share by carrier (week commencing 20-Jul-09)
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